● PS diffusion plate lampshade effectively converts point or line light source into a soft, uniform surface light source;

● Backside luminous mode for more stable performance;

● Energy-efficient with no additional electricity costs;

● Easy installation;

● Suitable for any indoor space: kitchen, closet, living room, basement, garage, and common areas.


Input Voltage  AC120-277V
Power Consumption  50W±10%
Lumen  6250lm±10%
Emitting Color  Warm white, Neutral white, Cool white
CCT  3045K±100K 3985K±154K 5029K±220K
Luminous Efficiency  ≤122 lm/W ≤125 lm/W ≤125 lm/W
Net Weight  = 4KG
Size  1213*603*43 mm
Operating Ambient  -20℃ to +40℃
Storage Ambient  -20℃ to +50℃
Lifespan  50,000hrs

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This panel light, with its high transmittance and refractive index, is well-suited for indoor use in any setting.