● Tempered glass shade with high strength, hardness, and explosion-proof capability;

● High light transmittance glass lampshade;

● Adjustable bracket for versatile lighting angles;

● Corrugated aluminum die-casting shell with efficient heat dissipation;

● Multiple waterproof design for extended service life;

● Easy installation;

● Suitable for a range of outdoor spaces including stadiums, bridges, billboards, villas, parks, and more.


Input Voltage  220-240Vac / 50Hz-60Hz
Power  10W
Lumen (±10%)   800 lm
Efficacy  80 lm/W
CCT  3000 K / 4000 K / 6500 K
CRI  80+
Material  Graphene
Cover  Glass
Ambient Temperature  -20℃-40℃
IP 65
Warranty  Two-year Warranty
Lifespan  17,500 hrs

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